University Suites
1780 R Street
Lincoln, NE 68508-6106

University Suites is located at 1780 R Street Lincoln, NE 68508-6106. Attendees may begin checking in after 2PM on May 17, 2020. The desk is open 24 hours a day. Additional details can be found in the Guest FAQ. UNL will assign HILT participants who elect to stay in dormitory housing. Pro-rating of dormitory stay is not possible. You may reserve your dormitory housing at


Wifi credentials, parking passes, and your HILT badge will be provided at the HILT registration desk.

The linen package includes sheets, pillow, pillowcase, blanket, towel, drinking cup, small bar of soap, and daily, in-room towel exchange.

University Suites has a front desk staffed by a highly trained Conference Assistant (CA). Part concierge and part guest service guru, the CAs working the front desk can help with a myriad of guest needs including: answering questions about campus and Lincoln, giving directions, making restaurant recommendations, guest lock-outs, submitting repair requests, making change, administering lost and found, and assisting with printing and photocopying needs.

Conference Services is committed to providing appropriate accommodations to guests with disabilities. In order to ensure that appropriate arrangements can be made, guests with disabilities who need reasonable accommodation must contact the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities at (402) 472-3787 at least three weeks prior to their scheduled arrival on campus. The guest should be prepared to tell that office the name of the event they are attending and the dates of attendance.

More information and policies can be found here.


Breakfast and lunch will be provided for registered participants Monday through Friday. Menus can be found here. Dinner will not be provided. However, we encourage HILT attendees to sign-up for HILT Dine Arounds.

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