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  • Nicole Coleman

    Academic Technology Specialist, Stanford Humanities Center Stanford University


Network graphs, charts, and maps are becoming essential and powerful tools for humanities scholars asking new questions about historical data. Visualization of digitized archives and source materials can reveal patterns previously unnoticed and provide a rich context for research questions. The intellectual work in information visualization begins before we see anything; it begins with the design of the underlying data model. In this course we will work with data from a range of sources and learn how to transform and enrich the data around specific research questions. Then we will engage in an iterative process of visualizing and refining the data. You will learn how to collect, create, manage and manipulate data, how to visualize data in the form of maps, network graphs, and charts, and then produce an interactive data driven document to present the results.

Students will need to bring with them a laptop computer for use in the course. Prior to your arrival, please install:


Undergraduate Library Room 1126