Starting a digital humanities research project can be quite intimidating. This course is designed to make that process less so by exploring tools and platforms that support digital humanities research, analysis, and publication. We will begin by reframing sources as data that enable digital research. We will work throughout the week on approaches to (1) finding, evaluating, and acquiring (2) cleaning and preparing (3) exploring (4) analyzing (5) communicating and sharing data. Emphasis will be placed across all stages on how to manage a beginner digital research project in such a way that helps to ensure that your project remains accessible, that the process is well documented, and that the data are reusable.

Throughout this course, we will examine several existing projects, and move through the process of collecting, cleaning, and structuring humanities data and sources and plugging them into tools and platforms to analyze, visualize, share, and publish the data and analysis. Exploration of these stages of project-building will include a technical walk-through, as well as an examination of the tools and their underlying methodologies.

Pre-HILT Assignments:

Course Prep

We have a short list of optional class readings you may want to look at before the class starts.

We have also compiled a list of software we will be using. Each item in the list contains a link to the appropriate software package.

We ask that you install and test the software in the above list ahead of time as lab computers will not be available for use. There will be limited time for troubleshooting software installation issues during the course, so please contact the instructors in advance of the workshop if you encounter installation issues.