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  • Jeremy Boggs

    Design Architect, Scholar' Lab University of Virginia

  • Jeri Wieringa

    Affiliate Faculty, Department of History and Art History George Mason University


This course introduces students to best practices and techniques for standards-based, accessible web design and development including, but not limited to: Current trends and issues in web design/development; Responsive design for a variety of platforms and devices; HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; Managing code using the Git version control system. By the end of the course, students will be familiar with steps and skills to conceive, design, develop, and publish a web site. Topics will be covered primarily through hands-on activities, with some supplementary lectures and discussions. By the end of the course, students will have a modest web site published on the Web. Prior experience with web design or development could be useful, but is not required.

Course Software

This course will take place in a computer lab. You are welcome to use your personal laptop for this course; however, we ask that you pre-load this software prior to arriving.

Text Editor (some suggested options below; pick one)

GitHub Account


Course Schedule

Monday, August 4

  • What is the internet? What is the Web? How do Web pages work?
  • Hands-On introduction to HTML and CSS
  • Introduction to Git and Github

Tuesday, August 5

  • Introduction to Design Concepts
  • Information Architecture and Site Design

Wednesday, August 6

  • Workshop: applying concepts to individual projects

Thursday, August 7

  • Workshop: reviewing webpage construction and design

Friday, August 8

  • Extending webpages with Javascript

Course Website


6103 McKeldin Library