Elli Mylonas

Senior Digital Humanities Librarian and Center for Digital Scholarship, University Library, Brown University

Elli Mylonas is the Senior Digital Humanities Librarian at the Brown University Library where, as part of the Center for Digital Scholarship, she is responsible for identifying, nurturing and implementing digital scholarship projects. She is also tasked with introducing digital humanities tools and methods to students and faculty by conducting workshops and other forms of outreach.

Elli has been part of a variety of digital humanities groups and center-like entities since she first learned about the intersection of technology and Classics as a graduate student. She was the managing editor of the Perseus Project—a large, self contained humanities computing project, then joined the Scholarly Technology Group (STG) at Brown University—a group which was both engaged in faculty projects and in internal research, and which was housed with the university IT organization. STG evolved over time, influenced by the changing needs of the university  and advances in technology and its uses. Ultimately, STG moved from IT to the Library, where it became part of a very different organization, and transformed into the Center for Digital Scholarship. Throughout all these moves and transformations, Elli has observed the different ways in which digital humanities and digital scholarship are deployed within their parent organization and within the university and continued to try and shape the group’s work accordingly.

Elli has worked on hypertext, text markup, TEI and digital epigraphy, project management. In the library, she has been learning more about metadata and repositories as they can be used to support the digital humanities. She has served on the TEI Technical Council, ACH Executive Committee, officer of ACM SIGLINK, and the organizing committees of a variety of conferences. Her academic background is in Classics.