University Library


Welcome, Lilly Auditorium

Registration, Lilly Auditorium Lobby

Collections as Data Room 0110 UL

Getting Started with Data, Tools, and Platforms Room 0106 UL

First Floor

Black Spatial Humanities Room 1116 UL

Humanities Programming with Python Room 1130 UL

Second Floor

Coffee Break Ashby Browsing Room

Gender Neutral Restrooms

Digital Humanities + Latinx Studies Room 2115E UL

Image Analysis with Deep Learning Room 2115G UL

Text Analysis with Machine Learning Room 2115J UL

Fourth Floor

Introduction to TEI for Black Humanities Room 4115P UL (inside the Arts and Humanities Institute)

University Tower

First Floor

Lunch Tower Dining Hall

Second Floor

HILT Social President’s Room

Eighth to Tenth Floor

HILT Dormitory Rooms