Born-Digital Forensics

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Kam Woods
Bitcurator Project

Porter Olsen
University of Maryland

This course will introduce students to the role of digital forensics in the act of preserving, investigating, and curating born-digital culture artifacts. We will explore the technical underpinning and [...]

Crowdsourcing Cultural Heritage

Ben Brumfield

Mia Ridge
British Library

Successful crowdsourcing projects help organizations connect with audiences who enjoy engaging with their content and tasks, whether transcribing handwritten documents, correcting OCR errors, identifying animals on the Serengeti or [...]

Games in the Classroom

Anastasia Salter
University of Baltimore

Games can be a great way to add experiential and playful learning to the humanities classroom by integrating learning objectives with game mechanics. We’ll look at three main ways [...]

Humanities Programming

Wayne Graham
University of Virginia

Brandon Walsh
University of Virginia

This course focuses on introducing participants to humanities programming through the creation and use of the Ruby on Rails web application framework. This course will introduce programming and design [...]

Large-Scale Text Analysis with R

Mark Algee-Hewitt
Stanford University

Text mining, the practice of using computational and statistical analysis on large collections of digitized text, is becoming an increasingly important way of extracting meaning from writing. This technique [...]

Network Analysis and Visualization

Elijah Meeks
Stanford University

This course will cover the principles of network analysis and representation with an emphasis on expressing network structures and measures using information visualization. The tool we’ll be using will [...]

Project Development

Simon Appleford
Creighton University

Jennifer Guiliano
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

This course will explore the fundamentals of project planning and design including, but not limited to: formulating appropriate disciplinary questions for digital humanities research, investigating digital humanities tools and [...]

Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Maryland Libraries