Analyzing and Presenting Spatial Data

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David McClure
Stanford University Libraries

This course will introduce students to a range of techniques for analyzing and presenting spatial data in the humanities. We'll start with a survey of popular GUI-based tools (Neatline, [...]

Database Design for Visualization and Analysis

Nicole Coleman
Stanford University

Network graphs, charts, and maps are becoming essential and powerful tools for humanities scholars asking new questions about historical data. Visualization of digitized archives and source materials can reveal [...]

Embodied Computing

Jeremy Boggs
University of Virginia

Tassie Gniady
Indiana University

*Please note this course has been cancelled for 2016* The goal of this class is to introduce students to a number of practices with associated maker culture in the [...]

Humanities Programming

Brandon Walsh
University of Virginia

Ethan Reed
University of Virginia

This course focuses on introducing participants to humanities programming through the creation and use of the Ruby on Rails web application framework. This course will introduce programming and design [...]

Text Analysis from Object to Interpretation

Katie Rawson
University of Pennsylvania Libraries

Scott Enderle
University of Pennsylvania Libraries

While a range of freely available tools and excellent tutorials have made it easier to apply computational text analysis techniques, researchers may still find themselves struggling with questions about [...]

Working with Scalar

Curtis Fletcher
University of Southern California Libraries

This 4-day workshop is intended for scholars, students and others who wish to compose a project or publication in Scalar and seek comprehensive training in the platform and in-depth [...]